The Greenfix philosophy - Erosion control by grass establishment

Erosion is the process of wearing away lands and structures by wind, rain, running water etc. This procedure can be decreased or even be avoided by the implementation of our Greenfix erosion control blankets and covamats.

The organic fibres as main part of the blankets gradually decompose in various periods - depending on the kind of fibres - into the soil and the new vegetation takes over the durable erosion control. The Greenfix philosophy was born!

Erosion process
Particles displaced by external energy source e. g. rainfall!
Erosion protection
Energy absorbed by GREENFIX erosion control layer
Vegetation protection
Grasses & plants absorb impact

Erosion control with GREENFIX Eromat Type 4
Bank protection with erosion control blankets and previous customer-specific seed application

Application of Greenfix Type 2 in a drainage channel
Vegetation development after 3 months