Covamat blankets

GRÜNFIX Covamat blankets are thick quilted straw/ hay and/ or coir fibre mats with added mulches and a choice of seeds incorporated during manufacture. Different fibre combinations will get as result mats with different short-, medium- and long term periods of degradation. The use of one or the other mat depends on different factors such as: location, sunlight orientation, soil conditions, etc.

The choice of the blanket type is important to ensure the optimal growth of vegetation that will take over permanently the erosion control.
Additionally organic fertilizers and a soil layer can be incorporated into the mats getting a positive effect on the germination process and accelerating the establishment of the new vegetation cover.

Structure of Covamat blankets

Structure of Covamat blankets

Covamat blankets standard


Covamat blankets plus


with fertilizers

Covamat blankets fresh


with substrate