The Grünfix concept

Erosion is the process of wearing away lands and structures, by wind, running and falling water, by flow of water and sediment moved along by the water, waves, glaciers etc. Thanks to our GRÜNFIX erosion control systems, this process can be prevented or even avoided entirely.

The organic fibres as the main part of the erosion control blankets break down over different periods of time, depending on the fibre type. As the mat structure disappears, the vegetative cover develops. The GRÜNFIX CONCEPT was born!

Erosion process

Fine particles are displaced by external elements, such as rainfall.
Increase in water drainage velocity - topsoil.

Erosion protection

The GRÜNFIX blankets absorb a large part of the drainage energy.
Reduction in the amount of water run-off thanks to the surface structure of GRÜNFIX blankets - topsoil.

Vegetation protection

Grasses and plants protect against soil erosion.
Root formation stabilises the topsoil.