Jute Netting

This wide-meshed GREENFIX Jute Netting is made from unbleached Jute fibres without any chemical treatment. Only natural plant-based oils are used during manufacture. The loose and soft yarn-twist guarantees a big strand diameter and thus a high stretch elasticity. This is important for high water absorption required from erosion control mesh (absorbs 500 % of its dry condition) in combination with the optimal mesh size.

The netting adapts extremely well to soil surface structures when loosely laid. The mesh strings function like "mini-walls" so that daily impacting water is not erosive anymore and turns into harmless leaking water. Soil surface and seed material is protected against run-off. Moreover the open size mesh guarantees with only 35 % soil coverage sufficient open space for germination.

Jute Netting is decomposing fast due to its high contents of cellulose (85 %). Under favourable decomposing conditions, the Jute Netting looses its stability latest within the second vegetation phase, loosing its effectiveness against erosional influences. Therefore, it should only be used in combination with herb and grass seeds.